Established in 1969, RUBY DOME, INC. offers a wide variety of diversified services  throughout the Western United states.  Our services consist of specialized divisions which complement each other, resulting in turn key project completion and client satisfaction.

The corporate headquarters, located in Elko, located in Elko,  Nevada provides RUBY DOME, INC. a location central to projects throughout the Western United  States.  We have established a relationship of accountability and trust as the corner stone of environmentally sound methods has enabled RUBY  DOME, INC. to meet the unique demands of each project. These qualities plus experience,  size, diversity and financial stability give our clients the confidence to continue selecting RUBY  DOME, INC. for their needs.

We maintain an extensive inventory of construction equipment and the licenses,  registrations, permits, training, and insurance required to perform your projects.
RUBY  DOME, INC. currently, holds contractors licenses  in Nevada and California

6525 Idaho Street
Elko, NV 89801
Office: (775) 738-2154
Fax: (775) 738-8063NV Lic. #14291
CA Lic. # 509264-A HAZ